An overview of my work placement at William Anelay Ltd.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration
~ Ansel Adams

My time at William Anelay’s is coming to an end and I can say that the three weeks have literally flown past. The huge variety of projects that I had the opportunity to visit shared light onto every possible area in the heritage conservation field and I can honestly say that during the couple of weeks that I spent with the project and site managers as well as the architects and quantity surveyors gave more knowledge about the reality of the heritage sector than any module at the university. I know that the knowledge that I gained during the placement was just the first paragraph of the introduction on how to give new life to old buildings and I am ready to go on exploring!

I am sincerely thankful to all the people at William Anelay Ltd who were willing to show me around and answer my sometimes never ending list of questions. Especially, I would like to express my gratitude to Ellen Palmer who helped to organise all the site visits and provided me with background information about each project and Charles Anelay who agreed to take me on this placement.

Thank you for the amazing 3 weeks!

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