An overview of my work placement at William Anelay Ltd.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The office

I spent the next two days in the Heritage House (on Murton Way, Osbaldwick, York YO19 5UW), which is the company's central office. I sat in on a weekly contracts meeting and got a very good overview of the company’s history, values and visions and how it successfully manages the current 30-40 projects as well as familiarised myself with the everyday workings of the office and it’s different departments.

One thing that I learned was that William Anelay Ltd. has a lot of in- house trades and employs experienced contract management personnel while some projects are sub- contracted as well. The company specialises in traditional techniques and have their own team of over 100 craftsmen masons, joiners, lead workers, roofers and bricklayers along with apprentices, so that age old skills can be passed on to a new generation. In addition, the company is very committed to the apprenticeship process to ensure that heritage construction skills are taught and retained.

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