An overview of my work placement at William Anelay Ltd.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ready. Set. Go

Perhaps before I start describing what I saw, experienced and learned during the three weeks of my placement, it would be wise to say a few words about the company as well as my reasons for choosing William Anelay Ltd as my placement provider.
William Anelay Ltd is one of the oldest heritage construction companies in the United Kingdom. Founded 266 years ago, there is no doubt about the wealth of experience and expertise the company possesses. Specialising in the conservation and restoration of listed and historic buildings and the construction of bespoke new build residential and non-residential properties the list of projects starts in 1745 and continues to grow every day.
With the impressingly long history of the company and its never- ending list of projects it is hard not to feel the urge to peek “behind the curtains”. In addition, my keen interest in project management only deepened my wish to do a placement at the company.  So, when Charles Anelay, the Special Projects Director and Chairman of the company gave a guest lecture at the Department of Archaeology, I was 100% certain I would like to do my placement at William Anelay’s Ltd.

So here we go. 

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